Hip Replacement Symptoms

Why Does My Hip Sometimes Make A Crackling Noise When I Try To Move It?

A crackling or snapping of the hip joint can be disconcerting. It feels uncomfortable and it makes a loud noise that sometimes other people in the room can hear. The medical term for crackling or snapping is crepitus. In simplest terms, crepitus occurs because bone is rubbing against bone. The joint cartilage has broken down […]

Why Can’t I Bend Over? Why Can’t I Tie My Shoes?

When your hip is arthritic, it may become stiff. Since the motion in your hip is restricted, you will have difficulty doing some of the things you did before.Even when you don’t have pain, the symptoms of stiff-ness may be limiting. At first, you may have trouble bending over to pick up objects. You may […]

Why Do I Limp? Why Does My Leg Feel Short?

Limping means an abnormal gait or walking pattern. Limping may come from a variety of causes such as pain, deformity or shortening of the leg. It can also come from a neurologic cause such as paralysis of some of the muscles in the leg. The major cause of limping in an arthritic hip is pain. […]

When Will I Have Pain?

An arthritic hip can hurt at any time. Much of the time pain will occur after prolonged standing, walking, or any other weight bearing activity. It may also come from activities that put stress on the hip such as bending, twisting, running, and climbing stairs. Sometimes the pain may develop spontaneously and be present when […]

Why Does My Hip Hurt? Where Does It Hurt?

An arthritic hip is painful because the joint has broken down. The articular cartilage on the surfaces of the joint has worn away leaving raw bone exposed. Movement between the two joint surfaces is no longer smooth and friction free. As a result, the tissues within the joint become inflamed and the joint begins to […]