How Do I Get Involved In A Clinical Trial?

Most patients become involved in a clinical trial at the invitation of their own physician. Even at the largest centers, any individual physician will be involved in only a small number of trials, which may or may not apply to you.

With the advent of the Internet, it has become dramatically easier for patients to find clinical trials themselves. This is potentially a tremendous opportunity, but with it comes potential dangers for a partially informed patient. Before deciding to enroll in a clinical study, you should talk with both your urologist and oncologist about the specifics of the potential study as well as have a full understanding of the potential risks and benefits to you.

Compare these potential risks and benefits carefully to the standard, proven therapy being offered by your doctors (see the appendix for Internet addresses of sites that list clinical trials and provide more information for those patients interested in pursuing clinical trials).

The following website lists ongoing clinical trials for bladder cancer:

To find out about clinical trials that may be available in your area, it may be helpful to contact the nearest cancer center or ask your urologist for contact information.