Will Psoriasis Go Away?

For some people, their psoriasis may disappear for a period of time. For others, this may never occur. Generally, people with mild psoriasis—less than 5% of their body surface area (BSA) affected, or “just a few spots”—are more likely to experience a remission than people with more extensive disease.

It is important to note that while psoriasis may disappear, there is no specific treatment that will put it into permanent remission or cure it at this time.

It is very difficult to predict how psoriasis will act in the future for any one person. Some people may recall circumstances where their psoriasis was at its “best” or least severe or even resolved. If people can associate disease resolution with decreased stress, such as a vacation, or with more sunlight, such as living in a sunny location, it may predict for them which circumstances are most likely to decrease psoriasis.

The possibility of making psoriasis go away is a very appealing one, and many current treatments may suggest they can provide this effect. Although a product may make psoriasis go away in one person, its effect on a given person can’t be predicted. Claims to make psoriasis “go away” need to be appraised with a critical eye. At this point, a cure is not known.