How Do I Decide By Whom And Where I Should Be Treated?

Once the diagnosis of endometrial cancer has been made, you should see a Gynecologic Oncologist for your surgery if this is possible.

Gynecologic Oncologists have the most experience with endometrial cancer. Unlike gynecologists, Gynecologic Oncologists can remove lymph nodes if indicated and understand the indications for lymph node removal.

In addition, a Gynecologic Oncologist can counsel you post operatively about the need for more therapy after the hysterectomy and can appropriately provide post-treatment surveillance. Gynecologic Oncologists are often experts in minimally invasive surgical techniques for treating endometrial cancer, including laparoscopy and robotic surgery.

Joan said:

I was not comfortable with the gynecologist I was referred to for my D&C. I was lucky to have a medical contact (doctor) through my work and he was able to refer me to a wonderful gynecological oncologist for my hysterectomy. Go to the best cancer center that is available to you.

At the very least, get a second opinion. That second doctor will also enable you to have a contact for a second opinion when/if you need additional treatments such as radiation and/or chemotherapy.

If you aren’t comfortable with your current doctor, CHANGE! And remember there is no question you cannot ask.