How Do I Know If The Physician Performing My Treatment Procedure is Properly Qualified?

Through a vascular anomalies center patients benefit from being able to consult with an experienced inter-disciplinary team that works together to formulate the best treatment plan for each patient. This collaborative approach provides a system of checks and balances wherein multiple professionals strategize about the best individualized approach. Patients and families may choose to ask the treating physician how long he or she has been specializing in the field and how many patients with vascular anomalies he or she sees. Patients may also ask how often a physician performs a particular procedure.

Some patients find reassurance by asking for referral suggestions from a diagnosing physician or through various patient support organizations, which list individual physicians and treatment centers that specialize in these disorders. Many of the physicians have published peer-reviewed journals in this field and teach at their institutions as well as nationally and internationally. They also participate in patient advocacy meetings and lectures/consultations organized by patient support groups. The Appendix lists the major vascular anomalies organizations and services/resources they offer.