If I Have A History Of Severe Bee Sting Allergy?

What Should I Do The Next Time I Am Stung?

If bees are flying around you after the sting, always stay calm and avoid swatting at them; this will encourage additional stings. After the sting, you should quickly leave the area. When a bee stings, it releases a chemical that attracts other bees that may then sting.

Once you are in a clear area, you should attempt to remove the stinger. This can only be done when the insect is a honey bee, since honeybees are the only Hymenoptera that leave their stingers behind. The stinger is best removed with some stiff material, such as a piece of cardboard or a credit card. After removal, epinephrine should be given immediately, without waiting to see whether symptoms develop (Allergic Reactions To Foods).

After the epinephrine has been given, you should go immediately to the closest emergency room to be observed and treated.