Why Are Some Letters Missing When I Try To Read?

Macular degeneration does not typically affect the retina in a symmetric or even pattern. Small areas, or even large areas, may be severely affected, while adjacent areas are minimally affected or not affected at all.

Therefore, when looking at a book or reading a sign, dam-aged areas may appear distorted or totally absent, while adjacent areas or less affected or unaffected areas may appear normal. If one side of the retina is more affected than another it may be obvious when reading a book; the left side of the page may be easily seen, but as the eyes track to the right side of the page it may become more difficult to follow the sentence.

Patients may adapt to these abnormalities and learn to move their head or eyes in a manner that maximizes their ability to read without disruption.

Other patients may benefit from a low vision evaluation or vision rehabilitation evaluation in which they may be taught to adapt to the change by utilizing certain techniques or devices.