My Surgeon Recommends That I Have My Uterus Removed

How do they do this?

The traditional method of removing the uterus for endometrial cancer is to remove it abdominally, through a vertical incision in the abdomen, called a laparotomy.

This can sometimes also be accomplished through a transverse incision, or “bikini cut,” depending on your particular type of cancer and the shape of your abdomen. For endometrial cancer, the uterus, cervix, and both tubes and ovaries are removed.

Some surgeons can perform this surgery either with a laparoscope or a robotically assisted laparoscope. This sort of surgery allows for a shorter hospital stay and shorter recovery, and studies have shown that it gives the same result for curing the cancer. Not every woman will be a candidate for this “minimally invasive” kind of surgery.

Joan said:

I did a lot of research on selected websites—mostly so I would be a little more knowledgeable with the new vocabulary I would be hearing. I created a notebook from the beginning—starting with the different types of hysterectomies that are performed and the specifics of each one. Reading up enabled me to better understand the doctor’s explanations and recommendations.